Want a free 256GB Google Pixel 6? See how to get one on Verizon now

This week’s Verizon deals are offering a free 256GB upgrade (opens in new tab) by the excellent Google Pixel 6 in a limited-time promotion exclusive to the device.

This Google Pixel 6 Business in Verizon’s Stacks on top from the existing trade-in discounts that were already available with a maximum savings of $700. That means you not only get upgraded storage, but the potential to put the device completely at home.

Please note that as with most Verizon offerings (opens in new tab), you need to sign up for a new unlimited data line to qualify for this promotion, so keep that in mind. This one is technically open to new and existing customers, but the latter needs to upgrade to an unlimited 5G data plan to be eligible. These restrictions are a bit annoying, but they’re in line with the carrier’s promotions in recent years.

On the plus side, if you’re a new customer, Verizon will give you an additional $200 gift card as a welcome bonus. Again, this promotion is in addition to the 256GB free upgrade and the trade-in discount for an added value of $1,000 in total (the 256GB upgrade is worth $100). Together, this is one of the carrier’s most generous deals on this device, especially if you can use that extra storage space.

Outside the US? Check out the best Google Pixel 6 deals in your area below.

Google Pixel 6 256GB Free on Verizon

Is it worth buying the Google Pixel 6?

(Image credit: Future)

The Google Pixel 6 is a great choice if you’re looking for a powerful Android flagship on a budget. With a distinctive camera housing, the overall design is arguably divisive (personally, I love it), but it’s a device that offers great bang for your buck.

Inside, it has Google’s first internal Tensor chip – which not only delivers a decent level of power, but also allows for clever tricks like the Magic Eraser feature for the camera. Computational photography and ease of use was something the Pixel lineup already excelled at, but the Pixel 6 takes it to a new level. Combine that with a decent 6.4-inch OLED screen and full 5G capability and you’ve got a powerful flagship that’s generally cheaper than the rival Samsung Galaxy S22.

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